Training in multilevel and lifecycle approaches for the preventions on NCDs

Training   in Multilevel and Lifecycle Approaches for the Prevention of Non-communicable   Diseases in Latin America

Principal Investigators

  • Ana Diez Roux
  • Eduardo Villamor

Donor Agency

Fogarty Internacional Center de los National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Participating countries

  • USA
  • Guatemala
  • El Salvador
  • Belize
  • Mexico
  • Honduras
  • Nicaragua
  • Costa Rica
  • Panama
  • Dominican Republic
  • Argentina

Participating Institutions

  • University of Michigan
  • The University of Lanus Department and Institute for Collective Health.
  • Cardiovascular Surgery Unit of Guatemala (UNICAR   for its initials in Spanish)
  • INCAP Comprehensive Center for the Prevention of Chronic Diseases


Purpose of the project

The overall purpose of this project   is to strengthen the capacity of Latin American countries to address the NCD   epidemic through a comprehensive training program that integrates multilevel   and lifecourse approaches and emphasizes the importance of reducing social   inequalities in NCD. Specifically this project will:

  • Strengthen capacity to conduct research on multilevel and determinants on NCD with specific emphasis on identifying factors that are  modifiable through policy and intervention and relevant to the specific   country context
  • Enhance understanding of the modifiable and causes of growing inequalities in NCD by socioeconomic position and ethnicity with the ultimate   goal of developing interventions to reduce these inequalities;
  • Enhance research and training collaborations between the localwith the ultimate goal of developing a network of synergistic NCD training   and research centers in Latin America; and
  • Strengthen local institutional   capacity to conduct local training programs and lead research efforts in the   future.


Workshops: the academic program will include six one-week   workshops at the international sites, co-taught by UM and local senior   faculty. Each workshop will be an intensive 35-hour course, corresponding to   three academic credits. Workshops will be structured to include lectures,   case-studies, hands-on computer exercises, and student presentations.


Webinar: a permanent seminar on “Multidisciplinary   approaches to NCD prevention in developing countries” will be established;   which will consist of a formal presentation by hig-profile investigators and   policy makers in the field. The seminar will be broadcast live to all sites   and will allow real-time interaction with the audience via teleconferencing.   This webinar will occur four times a year during the five years of funding   and will be hosted at the international sites on a rotating basis.


Summer internship: support will be offered for the short-term   summer internships at UM (two per year) on research methods relevant to NCD   through the lifespan to Latin American researchers identified through the   collaboration institutions.


Doctoral training: funding for Latin American students to pursue a   doctoral degree in NCD-related areas at UM will be provided. Partners   institutions overseas will contribute to identify potential candidates,   especially those among their junior faculty ranks and investigators in their   projects.


Postdoctoral fellowship: six medium-term postdoctoral   fellowship on NCD research at the UM will be offered. Each fellowship will   typically last for six  months and will be targeted to mid-career researchers   and faculty who are already undertaking NCD research in their countries.


Post-training research: Research funds will be awarded to the two   graduates who began their doctoral training in year one and should have   completed it by year four. These funds will be used towards developing pilot   research projects on NCD that they will lead as principal investigators.

Progress to date

Activities will start at the end of 2012. For more information visit:



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